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# Helper objects for the Plone test suite

# $Id: dummy.py 5538 2004-08-11 19:45:13Z shh42 $

import os

from OFS.SimpleItem import SimpleItem
from ZPublisher.HTTPRequest import FileUpload
from Products.CMFPlone.tests import PACKAGE_HOME

TEXT = 'file data'
UTEXT = u'file data'
GIF = open(os.path.join(PACKAGE_HOME, os.pardir, 'tool.gif')).read()

00018 class Dummy:
    '''General purpose dummy object'''

    def __init__(self, **kw):

00025 class Item(SimpleItem):
    '''Dummy Item 
       First-class Zope object. Can be _setObject'ed.

    id = 'dummy'
    meta_type = 'Dummy Item'

    def __init__(self, id=None, title=None, **kw):
        if id is not None:
            self.id = id
        if title is not None:
            self.title = title

    manage_before_delete_called = 0

    def manage_beforeDelete(self, item, container):
        self.manage_before_delete_called = 1

00046 class File(FileUpload):
    '''Dummy upload object 
       Used to fake uploaded files.

    __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = 1
    filename = 'dummy.txt'
    data = TEXT
    headers = {}

    def __init__(self, filename=None, data=None, headers=None):
        if filename is not None:
            self.filename = filename
        if data is not None:
            self.data = data
        if headers is not None:
            self.headers = headers

    def seek(self, *args): pass
    def tell(self, *args): return 1
    def read(self, *args): return self.data

00069 class Image(File):
    '''Dummy image upload object
       Contains valid image data by default.

    filename = 'dummy.gif'
    data = GIF

00078 class Error(Exception):
    '''Dummy exception'''

00082 class Raiser(SimpleItem):
    '''Raises the stored exception when called'''

    exception = Error

    def __init__(self, exception=None):
        if exception is not None:
            self.exception = exception

    def __call__(self, *args, **kw):
        raise self.exception 

00095 class SizedItem(Item):
    '''Helper for getObjSize tests'''

    size = 0

    def set_size(self, size):
        self.size = size

    def get_size(self):
        return self.size

00107 class DefaultPage(Item):
    '''Helper for browserDefault tests'''

    def __init__(self, default=['test'], keys=['index_html']):
        self.keys = keys

    def set_default(self, default, has_key=0):
        self.default_page = default
        self._has_key = has_key

    def has_key(self, key):
        return self._has_key or key in self.keys

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