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zope-cmfplone-2.0.4::tests::testQueryCatalog::TestQueryCatalogQuoting Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Test logic quoting features queryCatalog script.

Test function of queryCatalog script, **not** the
functionality of the catalog itself. Therefore, we'll replace
the actual call to the catalog to a dummy routine that just
returns the catalog search dictionary so we can examine what
would be searched.

Definition at line 77 of file testQueryCatalog.py.

Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def createMemberarea
def dummyCatalog
def getPortal
def loginPortalOwner
def setGroups
def testEmptyItem
def testEmptyItemShowAll
def testQuotingNone
def testQuotingNotNeeded
def testQuotingNotNeededWithNot
def testQuotingRequiredToEscape
def testQuotingRequiredToEscapeOptionOff
def testQuotingWithLeadingNot

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