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zope-cmfplone-2.0.4::PloneFolder::PloneFolder Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zope-cmfplone-2.0.4::PloneFolder::PloneFolder:

zope-cmfplone-2.0.4::PloneFolder::BasePloneFolder zope-cmfplone-2.0.4::PloneFolder::OrderedContainer

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Detailed Description

A Plone Folder 

Definition at line 378 of file PloneFolder.py.

Public Member Functions

def __browser_default__
def __call__
def __init__
def contentValues
def folderlistingFolderContents
def getCMFObjectsSubsetIds
def getObjectPosition
def index_html
def invokeFactory
def listFolderContents
def manage_addPloneFolder
def manage_delObjects
def manage_renameObject
def moveObject
def moveObjectsByDelta
def moveObjectsDown
def moveObjectsToBottom
def moveObjectsToTop
def moveObjectsUp
def moveObjectToPosition
def orderObjects

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple index_html = ComputedAttribute(index_html, 1)
 manage_addFolder = manage_addPloneFolder
 manage_options = Folder.manage_options+\
 manage_renameObject = OrderedContainer.manage_renameObject
string meta_type = 'Plone Folder'
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Static Private Attributes

 __implements__ = BasePloneFolder.__implements__+\

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