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## Script (Python) "check_id"
##bind container=container
##bind context=context
##bind namespace=
##bind script=script
##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
##title=Check an id's validity
# Test an id to make sure it is valid.
# Returns an error message if the id is bad or None if the id is good.
# id - the id to check
# required - if required is 1, makes sure a suitable id has been supplied
# alternative_id - an alternative value to use for the id if the id is empty or autogenerated
# Note: the error messages here might cause some i18n headaches because they
# include the actual id.  The reason the id is included is to handle id error
# messages for such objects as files and images that supply an alternative id
# when an id is autogenerated.  If you say "There is already an item with this name
# in this folder" for an image that has the Name field populated with an autogenerated
# id, it can cause some confusion, since the real problem is the name of the image
# file name, not in the name of the autogenerated id.

from AccessControl import Unauthorized

# if an alternative id has been supplied, see if we need to use it
if alternative_id and not id:
#if alternative_id and (not id or context.isIDAutoGenerated(id)):
    id = alternative_id

# make sure we have an id if one is required
if not id:
    if required:
        return 'Please enter a name.'
    # id is not required, no alternative specified, so assume object's id will be
    # context.getId().  We still should check to make sure context.getId() is OK to
    # handle the case of pre-created objects constructed via portal_factory.  The
    # main potential problem is an id collision, e.g. if portal_factory autogenerates
    # an id that already exists.
    id = context.getId()

# do basic id validation
if not context.plone_utils.good_id(id):
    # id is bad
    return '\'%s\' is not a legal name.' % id

# check for a catalog index
if id in context.portal_catalog.indexes():
    return '\'%s\' is reserved.' % id

# id is good; make sure we have no id collisions
if context.portal_factory.isTemporary(context):
    # always check for collisions if we are creating a new object
    checkForCollision = 1
    # if we have an existing object, only check for collisions if we are changing the id
    checkForCollision = (context.getId() != id)

# perform the actual check
if checkForCollision:
    #XXX We may need to pass in a container parameter since its unclear where
    # we are trying to add the object with the id in question.  check_id is usually
    # called by validate_id or similar functions which test whether a new id is
    # ok for a given object. For such a use case this is fine, but if we call
    # check_id BEFORE we add a new object with the folder to which we want to
    # add the new object as context, this does the wrong thing.
    container = context.getParentNode()

    if hasattr(container, 'objectIds'):
            if id in container.objectIds():
                return 'There is already an item named \'%s\' in this folder.' % id
        except Unauthorized:
            pass  # ignore if we don't have permission
    if hasattr(container, 'checkIdAvailable'):
            if not container.checkIdAvailable(id):
                return '\'%s\' is reserved.' % id
        except Unauthorized:
            pass # ignore if we don't have permission
    if hasattr(container, 'checkValidId'):
        except BadRequestException:
            return '\'%s\' is reserved.' % id

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